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Pullback Wikipedia

A pullback in trading refers to a temporary reversal in the price action of an asset or security within an ongoing upward movement. It is often seen as a buying opportunity for traders who want to enter a position when other technical indicators remain bullish. Pullbacks typically occur at areas of technical support, such as moving averages […]

Understanding travel industry fragmentation

Taking aggressive actions like reducing exit barriers to achieve leadership in market share, making a strong position in niche markets, or liquidation as early as possible are some of the basic strategies. Franchising is another frequently used strategy to deal with the outcome of fragmentation. Here, companies allow agents/representatives to use their name, logo and […]

How to Calculate Contribution Margin? Contribution Margin Calculator

As a company becomes strategic about the customers it serves and products it sells, it must analyze its profit in different ways. Gross margin encompasses all costs of a specific product, while contribution margin encompasses only the variable costs of a good. While gross profit is more useful in identifying whether a product is profitable, […]

How to Account for Organizational Costs in GAAP

If GAAP accounting and IRS rules seem mind-boggling, AI-driven accounting software can help you record your startup costs and financial experts can ensure you’re on the right track. In this article, we’ll demystify how to account for GAAP startup costs in your general ledger. You’ll learn the basics of startup cost accounting and how it […]