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Seven ways to work effectively across time zones

Hosting an open virtual meeting meant to replicate an office breakroom can also be fruitful. Everyone should be invited to voluntarily join the meeting room at a time that works for them. This sort of impromptu, off-the-cuff discussion can resemble “watercooler chat” and enables colleagues to brainstorm various topics and connect on a more personal […]

Essential Skills and Qualities to Manage an Exceptional IT Support Helpdesk

It ensures IT pros have the skills needed to work in data centers or cloud environments. A collaborative approach still relies on delineation around who can solve which problems or which teams are responsible for tickets, while others are there to assist with the help process as needed. Problems or requests are forwarded to tier […]

Google Developers Certification

For more information about training materials, practice tests, as well as self-study and instructor-led courses, please visit the Study Resources section on the OpenEDG Python Institute’s official website. The candidate will obtain a certification issued by the Python Institute after they successfully pass a PCAP, PCAT, PCAD, PCPP1, and/or PCPP2 exam in an authorized Pearson […]