In April 2017, he joined BuzzFeed as the deputy director of news curation. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. Yes, you can still access Dropbox in C​​hina, and I hope you get everything arranged so that you can do so easily. Take some time to prepare so that you won’t run into any unexpected hitches when you travel to China. Every website that has fallen behind the firewall will be at your command with a VPN. It can be hard to keep up with your favorite shows when you are traveling around the world.

The good news is that you can use a VPN to bypass China’s censorship and gain access to your Dropbox account. Many VPNs have been blocked in China, so it is important to select a service that is proven to work. To help you with your choice, our experts have compiled a list of the 6 best VPNs for China. Some users inquire about the accessibility of apps in China, with responses indicating that many mainstream apps, including Google, Reddit, Quora, and TikTok, are blocked.

  1. Note that if you’re using a VPN, some Chinese websites will not work properly (for example, many of the videos on Youku won’t be available).
  2. Considering the Chinese government’s use of aggressive online surveillance methods, it’s essential to maintain your privacy and anonymity when moving files to and from Dropbox.
  3. While Yahoo Answers and Stack Exchange are still accessible, AskReddit and are blocked.
  4. For reasons never made clear, Dropbox was given the banhammer by the Chinese government a few years ago, blocking users in the country from accessing the cloud-storage service.
  5. In summary, these Reddit discussions highlight the challenges users face in finding effective and reliable alternatives to Dropbox for cloud storage and file sharing within China’s internet environment.

As of publishing time, Dropbox Support has not yet replied to that last tweet (despite replying to plenty of other users), just as Dropbox has not responded to our inquiry into the matter. Because the firewall implements invasive is dropbox blocked in china surveillance procedures, your anonymity and privacy are of the utmost importance when sending or receiving data. VPNs encrypt your personal data, so the content you transmit will be useless to hackers and surveillance agents.

This situation is often colloquially referred to as the Great Firewall, and regrettably, WeTransfer is unable to rectify this issue. Consequently, if you are located in China and unable to access the WeTransfer webpage, the service cannot be provided to you. After you’ve signed up for a VPN account and purchased a plan, you’re free to use your VPN! This is my way to access Dropbox and I guess it’s probably the easiest way. For those intrigued by censorship in China, we’ve put together a series of informative resources suitable for both travelers and residents.

These platforms provide diverse options for cloud storage, catering to various needs and preferences. Lastly, has reemerged in the cloud storage landscape with a 15GB free storage offer upon registration, increasing by 1TB annually. However, this platform is primarily in Chinese, making navigation a challenge for non-Chinese speakers.

This censorship is enforced through the Great Firewall of China, a system that filters and blocks content deemed sensitive or politically undesirable. China blocks thousands of websites behind a nationwide internet firewall, nicknamed the Great Firewall of China. The Great Firewall prevents Chinese citizens and visitors using Dropbox because of its lack of compliance with the government’s content filtering regulations. But we do have some good news – a good VPN can help you bypass censorship and access your files on Dropbox. The Chinese government has strict control over media and online content, including streaming platforms.

Of course, just because you can access the internet doesn’t mean that you can use Dropbox in China (it’s blocked, remember?). The GWF uses a range of technologies to “protect” Chinese citizens from content the Party deems inappropriate or dangerous for them to see. The blocked in China tool attempts to access any URL you provide from 5 different locations across mainland China.

Is Dropbox Blocked in China?

These are just a few examples of apps that are allowed and widely used in China. It’s important to note that the app landscape in China can change due to evolving regulations and policies. Therefore, it’s always advisable to stay updated on the latest developments and comply with local laws and regulations when using apps in China. Global tech companies seeking access to the Chinese market must comply with local regulations, leading to debates about corporate responsibility and the potential spread of censorship practices. Several AI tools and platforms commonly used in other parts of the world are blocked or restricted in China. Please see 5 Best VPNs for China, which we regularly update with the latest information as it available.

The Reddit discussions center around the topic of websites and apps blocked in China

The entire Google suite, including Gmail and Google Drive, is also unavailable. One workaround is to lower the video quality, which can be achieved using apps like Video Compress. However, to overcome this limitation, consider utilizing Weiyun and ensuring you have either a WeChat or QQ account, both of which are free to sign up for. WeChat holds immense influence in China’s online landscape, serving various purposes from personal communication to purchasing tickets and rides, as recognized by research firm China Skinny and Business Insider in 2015. Attempting to send files larger than 25MB through WeChat becomes an issue, particularly for professionals dealing with large image files, client presentations, and videos.

The tech news site first noticed the service was available in China late last week, and it has since verified its uninterrupted availability throughout the country. Both personal cloud-syncing and public file-sharing features are reportedly functional. The reblocking of Dropbox, which recently passed 300 million registered users worldwide, comes during China’s most severe crackdown on Google’s services to date. Gmail, Google Maps, and other Google services have been entirely blocked in China since early June, in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protest on June 4. While Yahoo Answers and Stack Exchange are still accessible, AskReddit and are blocked.

The good news is that you’ll not only have access to Dropbox, but also all of the other websites and apps that are currently blocked in China. The blockage is thought to be affecting both the Web and app versions of Dropbox. It has been a long wait, but that ban has come to an end as suddenly as it manifested, and users again apparently have access to the cloud storage service. When the website resurfaced isn’t known, but was spotted by the folks at Tech in Asia «late last week», which says it waited a few days to confirm the finding and verify its nationwide availability. For reasons never made clear, Dropbox was given the banhammer by the Chinese government a few years ago, blocking users in the country from accessing the cloud-storage service. Now, again for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, it seems the service is available again in China, according to Tech in Asia.

How to Access Dropbox in China (3-Step Process)

The Reddit discussions focus on understanding the apps and websites that are blocked in China. Users share information about the blocking status of various platforms, including VPNs, Office 365, Private Relay, Facetime Audio, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Gmail, Telegram, Line, Netflix, Facebook, and others. There’s a discussion about the general rule that if an app or site allows communication outside China freely, it tends to be blocked. However, I will be traveling back and forth to mainland China from time to time for personal reasons. Due to the strict internet censorship policies in mainland China, I’m using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure that my online activities remain private and secure.

NordVPN’s dedicated public Wi-Fi protection encrypts your connection and protects your files and devices against malware injection, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other security concerns on such networks. The Chinese government sometimes cracks down on VPN users, so it’s great to have obfuscated servers from NordVPN. You also don’t get to choose obfuscated servers on the extension, which is available on the app and allows you to unblock Dropbox when the usual remote servers don’t work. Using WhatsApp in China can be challenging due to the extensive internet censorship and restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. While WhatsApp is not completely banned in China, its functionality and availability can be inconsistent. In addition to Dropbox, a VPN will give you access to a ton of other websites and apps (including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and even stream Netflix in China).

How do I unblock websites in China?

On the bright side, WeiYun offers a well-functioning mobile app known as “Tencent Drive,” which is fully available in English. By following the provided steps, you can efficiently navigate WeiYun, upload your files, and easily share them with others. ExpressVPN will let you be able to download the app and register a Dropbox account when you’re in China (I know because I’ve tried).

There’s no need to dive into the specifics of how it work, just know that it’s used by pretty much any expat who lives overseas, including me. Allow me to share with you what I’ve done to access Dropbox in China quickly and reliably.

It is important to note that the VPNs on that list only work because they all use special obfuscation techniques to evade detection by the GFW. The internet, however, in a country in which the standard of living is soaring after many years of deprivation and economic stagnation, is both insanely popular, and is central to China’s continued economic development. Given that it is also global phenomena that respects no national boundaries, this clearly represents a major threat to the Party’s reactionary social agenda. A handful of Twitter users have attested to the news that Dropbox is once again blocked. Using a good VPN, you can quickly access your account and get the files you need.